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A tour of Country Pooch

Enrichment rooms, outdoor spaces and no end of fun and cuddles makes Country Pooch the ideal facility for your beloved pooch.

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We welcome you to the Country Pooch Jungle Gym. An area specifically developed for those dogs that love to climb and explore. Our jungle gym areas have different textures, levels, stairs, ramps and even dig pits making the areas a great source of enrichment for dogs that come to play.

Jungle Gym

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Junk City is all about getting your pooch to use their nose and boy do they like sniffing around! Junk City has been designed for those sniffer dogs so they can get their noses down in our fabulous scent den and hunt out those treats that have been strategically hidden around the area.

Junk City

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What dog doesn’t like to dig and we have the perfect place to do it! Our large beach room, completely filled with sand going down 2 feet is a digging dogs paradise. Not only is digging a fun and stimulating activity for your dog to enjoy but the different texture is a great source of mental stimulation for your dog too, oh and they just love to have a good roll around in the sand too!

The Beach

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Our stunning, rustic indoor barn is idyllic and provides the  perfect place for your pooch to enjoy some toy time, bubble fun, scent games or to just relax on the sofa. Split into two areas the barn is the perfect place to play on rainy days or to cool down in the summer.

Indoor Barn


Outside is where we try to spend most of our time at Country Pooch and we have the perfect grassy paddock for your dog to run in. Being able to run freely in a secure area off lead is a must for dogs that visit us and watching dogs run, chase, jump, roll and play is the best way they can ever learn those all important social skills.

Running Paddock

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Our garden is a source of fun for all with a variety of play equipment. With climbing frames, ramps, tug toys, scent trails and even tree hugging going on it’s no surprise most dogs never want to come inside!



After a busy morning at daycare it’s not surprising your pooch will need a little down time. We have dedicated areas around the site set up as snug rooms where your pooch can enjoy a snooze on the sofa or beds. Providing home from home comforts our staff are always on hand to sit and have cuddles with your pooch to help relax and unwind.

Relaxation Stations

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If your dog loves to run and jump, balance and race through tunnels then our paddock containing agility equipment is the perfect place! Containing an A frame, walkover, place mat, jumps and tunnel, your pooch will have no end of fun practicing their agility skills.

Agility Field

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