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Meet the team

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Meet the team

All our employees are hand picked to ensure our ideology of providing only the best for our Country Pooch family is spread throughout all areas of the business.

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Our management team

Co-founder & Managing Director

Meet Hannah one of Country Pooch & Cainark Dog Training original founders. Hannah has a true passion for dogs and the countryside and ensuring the best care is always provided to all our clients. Having a wide range of professional dog walking, dog care and training qualifications, Hannah has been able to develop and expand her knowledge of the canine industry making Country Pooch the wonderful establishment it is today.

Co-founder & Senior Behaviourist

Meet Steve, Country Pooch & Cainark Dog Training other original founder. Steve has spent the majority of his life surrounded by dogs of all sizes and breeds and has an infectious passion for our four legged friends. Steve is the senior dog training instructor and behaviourist at Cainark Dog Training and has a natural understanding of dogs. He enjoys building those bonds between you and your pooch by helping people understand why our dogs behave in certain ways and what we do as owners to alter dog behaviour.

Daycare Centre Manager

Meet Rhianna, our daycare manager. Rhianna has come from a background of studying various animal species in her education and career with a strong love for all dogs large and small. She is a reliable person with dedication to looking after the team, both human and dogs. Her happy and bubbly personality shines through everyday! 

She spends her time reading in a cozy corner with her spaniel, Olive, snuggled on her lap.

Daycare Assistant Manager
Meet Di, our daycare Assistant Manager and also one of our school bus drivers. Di is fabulous with any nervous pooch, using her calm and reassuring manner to help install confidence in any dog. Enjoying walking her Labrador and spending time with her family, Di is a wonderful, trustworthy member of the team. She also has her canine first aid and current DBS certification.

Our daycare staff

Daycare Member
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Daycare Member
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