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About us

Country Pooch was established in 2019 by co-founders Hannah and Steve. It was their vision to create a thriving hub dedicated to making a difference for you and your dog that has made Country Pooch into the dog passionate business it is today.

Our story...

Primarily starting as a dog walking company, Country Pooch has successfully grown into a fun and stimulating centre for all your dogs needs including daycare, training, paddock hire and behavioural sessions.


Our fabulous rural daycare and training centre is a welcoming place for you and your pooch to share our philosophy of providing canine enrichment using positive training techniques. Offering enrichment areas unlike any other in the South we guarantee your pooch will enhance their social skills and build their confidence. All Country Pooch employees are hand picked to ensure our ideology of providing only the best for our Country Pooch family is spread throughout all areas of the business.

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Our story
Image by Andrey Haimin
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Our 'lockdown labour of love'

At the end of 2019 we came across a derelict barn on the incredible Broadlands Estate and our imaginations went into overdrive. Already running a successful dog walking and home boarding company at the time, we couldn’t help but wonder if we could turn this old wreck into something amazing for owners and their Pooches. 

The wheels were set in motion to start a new chapter for Country Pooch when suddenly Coronavirus, lockdown and a global pandemic hit. For so many businesses and people this period of time would fill them with dread, however all we can remember is months of hard graft which enabled us to open earlier than anticipated!

Spending three solid months and with many blisters, tears and falling through roofs, we installed water, electric, fencing, flooring, did copious amounts of painting, wood staining and gardening when the Country Pooch Dog Daycare and Training Centre started to emerge. 

Our vision was to never stop at just having plain indoor spaces or even just grass areas for your pooch, we wanted to appeal to every sense of a dog and be different to your normal daycare facility which is why we devised our superb enrichment areas. 

We will never forget our lockdown labour of love and it’s because of the passion we feel that makes Country Pooch the number one place for every owner and pooch to visit.

Why trust us?
Canine First Aid

Each member of the Country Pooch team will have qualified in canine first aid, bringing you peace of mind when your pooch is in our care.

DBS Certificate


Whenever a member of the Country Pooch team has to enter one of our customers properties, you can be assured a criminal record check has been processed beforehand, making our team trustworthy and dependable.

Fully insured


Fully insured to cover pet taxi, dog walking, pet sitter, pet boarding, dog daycare, dog trainer and behaviourist.

At Country Pooch we take our responsibilities seriously which is why each and every member of the team is fully insured to cover all aspects of your pooches care.

NarpsUK Member


Country Pooch is a proud member of NarpsUK who is committed to promoting excellence and raising industry standards for pet professionals and dog walkers. NarpsUK endorse professionalism and encourage education at all levels.


"My hoomans can relax knowing I’m safe and secure at Country Pooch"

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