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Country Pooch Dog Daycare & Training Centre - Logo

Welcome to Country Pooch

Dog daycare &  Cainark Training centre based in the beautiful countryside in Romsey.

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Dog Daycare

Cainark Training

1:1 Behavioural

Paddock Hire & Meet and Plays

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What we offer

At Country Pooch we offer a variety of services to meet the needs of you and your pooch. We are also the home of Cainark Dog Training.

We take care of your pooch with all the love and vigilance they deserve. With a variety of qualifications, including canine first aid, plus lots of happy clients, your pooch will feel right at home with us. We are flexible in scheduling and very responsive with your pooch and all their needs.

Our services

At Country Pooch we will make sure that your pooch has plenty of fun, safe and stimulating opportunities. Whether we’re playing a game or they’re socializing with other dogs at our daycare centre, your pooch will never be bored with the assortment of enrichment areas and activities that we have up our sleeve. Leave your pooch with us, and you’re guaranteed to find a happy and loving animal awaiting your return.

Dog Daycare
Dog Daycare photo of three pooches enjoying the sunshine and climbing frames

Our rural daycare centre is a wonderful country retreat for your pooch to come and enjoy their day. Your pooch will have fun in the outdoor garden, gain enrichment in the scent den, enjoy brain games in our spacious indoor barn, run until their hearts content in the paddock, dig for treasure in the beach room and explore the jungle gym. Dog daycare is the perfect way to ensure your pooch is socialised, stimulated and safe throughout the day!

Cainark Training

Country Pooch training photo of the puppy walking class after finishing the course

Looking to strengthen that bond between you and your pooch? Cainark Dog Training offer various training packages from one on one sessions to group classes for puppies and adolescents. Our dog training instructor is on hand to discuss all your training needs. 

Paddock Hire & Meet and Plays

Two Country Pooch dog walking pooches, two black happy dogs with toungue out

Our fabulous Country and Play paddocks are available for customers to hire creating the perfect place to walk, train, exercise and play with your pooch enclosed by 4ft deer stock fencing. Each paddock offers 3.5 acres of enjoyable, stress free, fun walking for you and your pooch. We regularly host dog breed meets so follow Cainark Dog Training social media pages or check out Cainark's website to find details of our next meet!

Cainark 1:1 Behavioural

Steve our Country Pooch professional dog trainer and behaviourist with a pack of dogs in the paddock

What is dog behaviour? Everything your dog does would be classed as behaviour. Some good which we like, some bad which we don’t. However your dog does it all for the same reason, to get something out of it. If we keep this in mind everything your dog does is RIGHT! As a behaviourist it is my job to get you to understand why your dog does something and how we can change it. By getting the right mind set will help your dog make the right decisions, this is why I train people not dogs!

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"Leave your pooch with us, and you’re guaranteed to find a happy and loving animal awaiting your return."

You heard it from the pooch's mouth!

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Meet some of our happy Pooches!
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Buddy, Country Pooch daycare pooch - review


I'm Buddy and I to come to doggie daycare three times a week. I love it so much and it makes me one happy and content pooch. I really love the jungle gym and zooming around the paddocks with my friends.

Rocko, Country Pooch daycare pooch - review


I have been coming to Country Pooch daycare since the day it opened and I just love it, especially rolling around in the beach room!

Poppy, Country Pooch daycare pooch - review


I love Country Pooch - its really helped me feel confident socialising with so many other dogs of all different breeds and I love all the scent games we play too! Its so cool there!

Fudge, Country Pooch Training pooch - review


Steve is the BEST! I was a really troubled pooch, with a turbulent puppyhood, until I met Steve. He has helped me SO much and now i'm such a good boy and so happy, confident and content. Country Pooch rocks!

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vector dog paw prints

Read some of our fab reviews from happy pooch parents here, or for more reviews about Country Pooch and our services, you can read all our Google reviews or visit our Facebook page

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